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Meditation and yoga at your workplace: We offer yoga and meditation at your workplace. Call us to know more on this. Tags: corporate yoga, corporate yoga workshop, corporate meditation workshop, yoga for employees, yoga for employees welfare, yoga for workers, meditation for workers, pranayama at corporate office, Relaxation yoga for corporate employees to remove stress, anxiety and depression

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Yoga and Meditation at workplace in corporate Yoga: Tags:corporate gift yoga mat, vancouver corporate yoga groupon, corporate yoga in gurgaon, corporate yoga classes in gurgaon, groupon corporate yoga, corporate yoga houston, corporate yoga hong kong, corporate yoga halifax, corporate yoga hyderabad, corepower yoga corporate headquarters There is a growing meditation movement happening around the world. Meditation is mainstream and no longer on the fringe. Hip-hop moguls are writing books about it, movie stars blog about it, the yoga studios are packing in stretched bodies with quiet minds. There is a long list of Western spiritual gurus spreading the word too. Balance is the word and meditation is the way to get it. As stress builds up in our body, we begin to experience sickness, tension, and fatigue. Our emotions become strained and our mind fills with fear and negative thoughts. The convincing link between the mind and body is well established and health and wellness advocates in the medical profession promote reducing stress as a way to avoid disease. According to mental health research, intense feelings of anxiety and stress can cause a nervous breakdown. The nerves don’t actually break, of course but it’s a signal to shut down and reset. We have become out of balance. Call us now to arrange for 1 session free corporate yoga and meditation class and feel yourself the difference.

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Owners, managers and high executive management of all kinds of enterprises, large and small agreed that providing their staff with yoga instruction is an inexpensive and extremely cost-effective investment in a happy, healthy and focused work force. Bring our Corporate yoga instructors into your workplace and see for yourself its many benefits: Benefits of Corporate Yoga For Businesses: Increased productivity Decreased health care premiums Reduced staff turnover Reduced employee absenteeism Higher job satisfaction amongst employees More respect for senior management of companies More attractive to potential employees seeking employment with your company For Employees: Reduced stress, anxiety & depression Increased energy and decreased fatigue Improved memory, focus and concentration Stronger muscles and increased flexibility Improved posture Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases, including cancer We provide Simple, easy and accessible practices emphasizing simple and yet powerful Yoga poses, breath, relaxation, concentration and movement geared towards professionals & employees for stress & pain reduction as well as increased strength and flexibility. Contact us to find out how corporate yoga can help your company and your employees and get a quote for your corporate wellness customized program.

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⁠Yoga classes at nominal price: Join our yoga classes at just ₹500/- per month and learn 4 major categories of yoga in detail namely karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga and dhyana yoga. One stop solution for all your spiritual doubts, questions and enquiries.

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⁠Moral Values based Kids Program @ Iskcon New Rajapur Jagannatha Dham, Bangalore. Registration is free. All kids are welcome. This program happens on every Sunday. Call ‭+91 90085 38471‬ and register your kids now. Tags: kids programs, kids classes, children classes, children yoga classes, children’s fitness classes, children’s etiquette classes, children’s exercise classes, children’s handwriting classes, children’s music classes, children’s manner classes, children’s dance classes, children’s art classes, children’s tuition, kids tuition classes in Bangalore, moral value based education for kids.

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⁠Yoga classes in Bangalore: Join our yoga classes near Bharath Nagar, chilka gollarahatti, Byadarahalli, Magadi Road at just ₹500/- for a monthly yoga classes. Tags: ashtanga yoga, beginners yoga, advanced yoga, power yoga, senior yoga, junior yoga, kids yoga, ladies yoga classes, gents yoga classes, yoga classes for kids, children yoga classes, yoga for diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, knee pain, yoga for weight loss, fat burning yoga classes.

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⁠Corporate Yoga: We offer Yoga for Corporate Wellness Program/ Yoga at Workplace / Corporate Yoga classes at your company location. Tags: corporate yoga agreement, corporate yoga and meditation, corporate yoga asanas, corporate yoga art of living, how to become a corporate yoga teacher, corporate yoga business plan, corporate yoga brochure, corporate yoga business, corporate yoga bangalore, corporate yoga contract template, corporate yoga companies

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Free yoga classes for all for a month: Special offer for new yoga joiners : they could join for a month long free yoga classes at Divyamaya Yoga Centre, Bangalore. Call and register now. Limited seats. Both morning and evening yoga classes are available. Tags: how to get free yoga classes, how to find free yoga classes, where to find free yoga classes, Free yoga classes in Bangalore, Free yoga classes for a month, free yoga class video, free yoga class online, free yoga class youtube, free online yoga class for beginners, free 60 minute yoga class online, yoga free classes

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Akarna Dhanurasana or Archer Pose: its name from Sanskrit words 'Karna' which means ear and the prefix 'A' means towards or near, 'Dhanu' means bow and asana means pose. The name of this asana literally translates towards the ear bow pose. Steps to perform Akarna Dhanurasana: sit in Dandasana, bend forward with exhalation and grab the big toes of both feet. You put the middle and the index finger in between your big toe and the index toe, wrapping them around the toe. Your thumb should rest on the nail root of your big toe. You can see the exact position on the picture above. With inhalation bend the knee of your active side and bring the foot closer to your ear by pulling on the toe. The leg of the inactive side should be lying flat on the floor. Hold the posture and your breath and with exhalation slowly place your leg back to the floor. Repeat the same procedure with the other leg. Benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana: Improves Memory & Concentration; Deep stretches the arms and legs; Good for flat feet and sciatica It helps make the legs strong and flexible. It helps to build up the core muscles. It also helps in the improvement of grace and concentration. It also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the spine. It improves posture and removes the pain of back and lumbar region. It is considered to be beneficial for those who have arthritis and rheumatic condition. It improves the digestion process, treats indigestion problems and also clears constipation. Variations of Akarna Dhanurasana: There are certain variations of this pose and one of them is that you could use your left hand to pull the right leg to the right ear and vice versa. Initially this can be quite complicated and therefore this variation should be only attempted when you have mastered the actual pose. More of all, breathing especially inhaling and exhaling of or oxygen is also of great importance and one has to take care of that while during the variations to master this asana. Preparatory Poses to Akarna Dhanurasana: This is quite a tough pose and hence requires a bit of practice before trying it out. Some poses that can help you prepare for this pose are - Hero Pose or Virasana, Bridge Pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana and Upward Facing Dog Pose or Urdhva Mukha Sarvangasana, Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana), Dancer's Pose (Natrajasana), Bound Angle Pose (Baddhakonasana), Head of the Knee Pose (Janu Sirisana), etc. Follow up Poses to Akarna Dhanurasana: One can follow up this pose by doing poses like Reclining Big Toe pose or Supta Padangusthana and Half Lord of Fishes Pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana.

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Yoga for healthy living: Learn 8 P's of a healthy living program for all kinds of people at Divyamaya Yoga Centre in Bangalore. Everyone is hankering for happiness; but real happiness one will get if he/she follow the rules of 8 P's of healthy living program that includes proper food, proper exercises, proper relaxation, proper breathing, proper meditation, proper association, proper knowledge and proper devotion. You will learn more in upcoming updates on each of the 8 P's of healthy living program. Tags: yoga for living, yoga for living thakur complex, yoga for living mumbai maharashtra, yoga for living stay young, yoga for living cherry hill, yoga for living schedule, yoga for living cherry hill new jersey, yoga for assisted living, yoga for a living, chair yoga for assisted living, teaching yoga for a living, yoga in the living room, yoga for a better living, why are yoga important for living a healthy life, yoga for a healthy living, yoga for eyes art of living, yoga for beginners art of living, a handbook of yoga for modern living, yoga a boon for healthy living, yoga for better living, yoga for better living essay, yoga for balanced living, yoga for better living wikipedia, yoga for healthy living brighton, yoga for healthy living brighton mi, yoga for healthy living book, yoga center for healthy living brighton michigan, information on yoga for better living, living arts yoga for beginners, yoga for living inc cherry hill nj, reflections yoga center for conscious living, yoga center for healthy living, yoga center for healthy living schedule, art of living yoga for constipation, yoga center for healthy living groupon, yoga for daily living, yoga for daily living groton ma, yoga for urban living dvd, yoga for urban living download, art of living yoga for diabetes, yoga for depression art of living, daily yoga for healthy living, yoga for everyday living, yoga and young living essential oils, yoga for stress free living, yoga center for healthy living facebook, art of living yoga for fertility, fine living yoga for life, groupon yoga for living, art of living yoga for glowing skin, yoga for healthy living, yoga for happy living, yoga for holistic living, yoga for healthy living pdf, yoga for health living, yoga for living inc. cherry hill nj, yoga for living in cherry hill nj, yoga for, art of living yoga for insomnia, yoga for living kandivali, art of living yoga for kidney, art of living yoga for knee pain, yoga for long living, yoga for life z living, living yoga for life, yoga center for healthy living llc, veria living yoga for life, living arts yoga for weight loss, yoga for modern living, yoga mat for living room, yoga center for healthy living brighton mi, yoga and meditation for healthy living, art of living yoga for neck pain, yoga and young living oils, yoga for art of living, yoga for pregnancy art of living, yoga for sinus art of living, yoga for migraine art of living, yoga for thyroid art of living, yoga for asthma art of living, yoga for positive living, yoga for personal living, yoga practices for healthy living, art of living yoga for pregnancy, yoga principles for healthy living, yoga for piles art of living, yoga for pcos art of living, yoga poses for healthy living, yoga in living room, ub yoga for student living, yoga for sleep art of living, yoga for stress art of living, yoga for sciatica art of living, art of living yoga for shoulder pain, art of living yoga for thyroid, yoga for urban living, hemalayaa yoga for urban living, hemalayaa behl yoga for urban living, yoga for vertigo art of living, yoga for living young