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Ashtanga Yoga: Ashta means 'Eight' and Anga means 'limb'. So, Ashtanga Yoga means eight fold path of yoga composed by Patanjali Maharishi. The eight limbs of ashtanga yoga are: 1. Yama 2. Niyama 3. Asana 4. Pranayama 5. Pratyahara 6. Dharana 7. Dhyana 8. Samadhi Lord Kapila, the Personality of Godhead, who is the highest authority on yoga, explains that by all these stages of practice, one must realize Lord Vishnu, who is the target of all yoga. By following this system of yoga, one can enter into the ever-increasing transcendental bliss. Come and learn the traditional authentic ashtanga yoga at Transcendental Yoga / Divyamaya Yoga Centre and experience the unlimited happiness.
Come and perform surya namaskara and other yogasanas using blend of power yoga, vinyasa yoga, hata yoga styles plus pranayama, meditation on the occasion of International Yoga Day 2017 in Bangalore at Transcendental Yoga / Divyamaya Yoga Centre. Call now to register your names for this international yoga day event for a week starting from 18th June.
Achieve Self Realization through Divyamaya Yoga Classes in Bangalore: Activate your panchakosha through Divyamaya Yoga or Transcendental Yoga, the topmost yoga system amongst all yogas & transform your life by using our traditional transcendental methods.The methods we use is yama, niyama, yogasana, pranayama, transcendental maha mantra meditation, divyajnana, transcendental knowledge, satsanga, bhakti yoga. The yoga classes is designed in such a way that will helps you in achieving overall health by providing physical benefits, mental benefits, intellectual benefits, and spiritual benefits. It will also helps you to raise your consciousness from bodily level to spiritual level to experience the real pleasure. Join our traditional yoga classes in Bangalore, near Nagarbhavi, Bharat Nagar now at affordable price of ₹500/- only for the monthly yoga classes.
Do you want to spiritualize yourself? Join our best yoga classes in Bangalore, near Nagarbhavi, Anjana Nagar, Sunkadakatte, Bharath Nagar. we provide unique yoga classes which not only concentrate on your physical health through yogasana but also on your overall well-being of mental health, intellectual health and spiritual health through pranayama, transcendental meditation using maha mantra (T-3M techniques), transcendental knowledge or divyajnana and bhakti yoga. Call us to avail 2 days free yoga classes to feel the change in your life. Also we are offering monthly yoga classes @ ₹500/- only. Don't miss this chance.
Best Corporate Yoga Classes in Bangalore Nowadays, every organization would keep some budget for the staff welfare. If you want a happier, more relaxed and above all more productive work environment, then office yoga class or corporate yoga class is what you need for your employees. Test our free trial corporate yoga programs or office yoga programs in your organization and see how it gives benefits to both employers and employees. In case you are not sure what type of class would be best for your employees, we would recommend organizing a taster session or a free corporate Yoga trial class or a free office yoga trial class. It would allow us to find the right amount of yogasana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques that would be optimal for your particular work environment. For more information, please call us or visit or
Best yoga studio in Bangalore: Are you looking for best yoga classes in Bangalore, near Nagarbhavi, Sunkadakatte, Anjana Nagar, Bharath Nagar? Then lookout for Divyamaya Yoga Studio. This sophisticated yoga studio provides Various yoga classes mentioned below to cater to the different needs of the yoga students. Power yoga classes, hata yoga classes, vinyasa yoga classes, yoga classes for gents, yoga classes for ladies, yoga classes for children or kids yoga classes, iyengar yoga classes, ashtanga yoga classes, hatha yoga classes, Bhakti yoga classes, meditation classes, pranayama classes, yoga classes at home, yoga classes for diabetes, pregnancy yoga classes or prenatal yoga classes, astanga yoga classes, Jnana yoga or classes on transcendental knowledge, yoga classes for back pain, yoga classes for b.p., yoga classes for asthma, yoga classes for insomnia, yoga classes for Migraine, yoga classes for stress relief, yoga classes for relaxation or restorative yoga.
Divyamaya Yoga / Transcendental Yoga (The Topmost Yoga System amongst all Yogas) Call us today and book your trial class absolutely free!!! Our Mission is "Sarve sukhino bhavantu". "Let everyone be happy". We wants to see everyone happy. Without being happy, no one can remain peaceful. We are trying to give people that happiness which will never be exhausted. That is our objective of happiness. As per Bhagavad Gita, everyone is Transcendental person and ultimate happiness is realizing the transcendental bliss. Transcendental Yoga offers the unique approach that helps anyone to activate the five different koshas or bodies which a soul is covering now. By activation of these koshas/bodies, one enters into the ever-increasing ocean of transcendental bliss which a soul is always hankering for. First one is Annamaya Kosha or Physical Body is activated through Yogasanas and by following yogic principles. By doing this, the body will be free from diseases and feel the happiness on the bodily platform. Second one is Pranamaya Kosha or Energetic Body which will be activated through Pranayama. The person will get vital energy from this. Third one is Manomaya Kosha or Psychic Body which is activated through Mahamantra Meditation. The person will experience the stress/anxiety/ depression free life with this meditation. Fourthly, Vijnanamaya Kosha or Consciousness Body which is activated through Divya-Jnana and Satsanga. With this, One will get the real knowledge about not only of this world but also of the spriritual world. And Finally, Anandamaya Kosha or Transcendental Body which is activated through the application of Bhakti Yoga principles. One will experience the unlimited ever-increasing transcendental bliss by obtaining which he will never go back again to the lower level of happiness(refer Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 Text 59 "Param drstva nivartate"). For more information, please visit or
Divyamaya Yoga - The Path of True Happiness: Everyone wants to be happy. Some of us seek happiness through our families, in natural and healthy living, in successful careers, active social lives, fine gourmet foods, gambling, or through sports and exercise. Others experience happiness in politics, the arts, academia, or in hobbies ranging from mechanics and computer science to drama, philanthropy, welfare work, and literally thousands of other activities that comprise man's unending quest for pleasure. Millions of people find their happiness in liquor, mood elevators, tranquilizers, or other drugs. Each day doctors and scientists discover more about how the human mind and body work. Yet with this abundance of scientific knowledge and space-age technology, which vastly outstrips that of all previous generations, is modern man really any happier than his predecessors? The basic problem in our search for happiness is that our sources of pleasure are all limited. What many people consider man's most basic and fundamental pleasures- eating and sex-can only occupy a few moments of each day. Our bodies constantly thwart our plans for enjoyment. After all, you can only eat so much before becoming ill. Even sex has its limits. Divyamaya Yoga provides information about how we can expand our pleasure beyond our present limitations. That pleasure principle operates beyond the bounds of time and space and emanates from the very innermost part of our being. Join our yoga classes to understand how this inner happiness can be experienced by anyone, through the combinations of yogasana, pranayama, transcendental maha mantra meditation(T-3M technique), divyajnana and bhakti yoga.
Transcendental Maha Mantra Meditation - Emotional Benefits: When the living being identifies with the material body and loses awareness of his real, spiritual self, he inevitably fears death, old age, and disease. He fears loss of beauty, intelligence, and strength and experiences countless other anxieties and false emotions relating to the temporary body. But by Transcendental Meditation using Transcendental Maha Mantra (T-3M technique), even in the early stages, we realize ourselves to be pure and changeless spirit souls, completely distinct from the material body. Because this mantra is a completely pure spiritual sound vibration, it has the power to restore our consciousness to its original, uncontaminated condition. At this point, we cease to be controlled by jealousy, bigotry, pride, envy, and hatred. As Lord Krsna tells us in Bhagavad-gita,  the soul is "unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying, and primeval." As our false bodily identification dissolves and we perceive our true transcendental existence, we automatically transcend all the fears and anxieties of material existence. Join our authentic yoga classes in Magadi Road, Bangalore which is the blend of asana, pranayama, meditation, etc., and see yourself change in the life. Call now and register for the yoga classes.