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Transcendental Maha Mantra Meditation - Spiritual Benefits:  "Our entanglement in material affairs is begun from material sound." Each day we hear material sounds from radio and television, from friends and relatives, and based on what we hear, we act. But there is sound in the spiritual world also. If we approach that sound, then our spiritual life begins. When we control the mind by focusing it on the purely spiritual sound vibration of the maha mantra,  the mind becomes calm. As "music has charms to soothe a savage breast, " so the spiritual sound of this maha mantra soothes the restless mind. Just as a reservoir of water is transparent when unagitated, our mental perceptions become clear and pure when the mind is no longer agitated by the waves of material desires. The mind in its pure state, like a mirror cleansed of dust, will then reflect undistorted images of reality, allowing us to go beneath the surface and perceive the essential spiritual quality of all life's experiences. Attaining real self-awareness also gives us the ability to see the spiritual nature of all living beings. When our natural, spiritual feelings are awakened, we experience the ultimate unity of all life. This is what it means to become a liberated person; by spiritual realization we become free of all animosity and envy toward other living things. Join our best yoga classes near nagarabhavi, Ullal upanagara, Upkar Layout, Bangalore
Yoga Vs Exercise One may ask questions on this aspect like: Gym or yoga: What's better way to achieve fitness? Yoga vs Weight Training. Which is more effective? Can they complement each other? Is yoga more effective than cardio? Is yoga a good work out? Is yoga considered a form of exercise? Is yoga good for losing weight? Differences Between Exercise & Yoga Yoga is a discipline aimed at integrating a person’s physical, mental and spiritual fitness. Yoga is an ancient discipline which is followed across the world today. exercises are devoted to a limited number of body parts, while some exercises engage all parts of the body at once. Activities such as swimming, jogging, skipping, sports like football, tennis, badminton, cricket, volleyball, etc. are all types of exercises. Specific workouts such as gym, zumba, aerobics, dance, etc. are also other forms of exercise. Comparison between Yoga and Exercise: Flexibility By the practice of yoga the body become flexible By exercise, body becomes stiff and inflexible. Nerves Nerves are energized. Exercises affect only muscles, not nerves. Blood Purification Yoga removes all impurities from the blood. Does not impact the purification of Blood. Breathing Harmonized breathing is observed and breathing is regulated. Unregulated breathing is observed after the practice. Digestion Digestion improves by the regular practice of Yoga Digestion becomes weak as blood supply to other parts of the body increases Benefits to organs Affects internal organs as well. Only external muscles get benefited. Overall benefit All the bodies including the spiritual ones get benefited Only Physical body gets benefited. Energy centers With yoga this energy center of the body is protected. Does not affect any energy centers. Diseases Yoga is helpful to over come Diseases. Diseases are not eliminated through exercise Attributes Attributes like tolerance, self-control, self-confidence are automatically developed Only physical attributes are acquired. Behavior Through the practice of Yoga a man's behavior changes for the good. Integrity and behavioral changes are not achieved. Equipment No equipment is needed and yoga can be done in little space. Equipment and large spaces are needed. Age There is no Age limitation for yoga practice Old people cannot practice Exercises.
Question: What do you mean by Vedas? Answer: Veda means knowledge. So knowledge means knowledge of God. Any scripture that gives knowledge of God, that is Vedas. Don't think that Vedas means that only the Sama, Yajuh, Atharva or Rigveda. Those who are following the principles to give knowledge about God, that is Veda. Vetti veda vido jnane. Jnane when there is question of knowledge, these three forms are used: vetti, veda, vido, jnane. Vinte vid vicarane vidyate vid saptayam labhe vindati vindate. This is the vid-dhatu description. So vid-dhatu means to know. So ultimate knowledge is to know God. That is real knowledge. Vedais ca sarvaih. Sarvaih, all kinds of Vedas. All kinds, sarvaih. So Bible can be taken as Vedas because it is trying to give knowledge about God, may be for a certain class of men. That is another thing. But the subject matter is how to know God. So that can be taken as also, as Vedas. Because ultimate knowledge is how to know God. Bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate [Bhagavad Gita 7.19]. So we accept Bible also as Vedas, but we simply say that they misinterpret the Biblical commandments. The Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill, " and the Christian people are killing, maintaining slaughterhouse. How they'll understand God if they are so much implicated in sinful activities? According to Vedas, there are four kinds of sinful activities: illicit sex, unnecessary killing of animals, intoxication and gambling. Yatra papas catur-vidhah. So God is purest. Param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan [Bhagavad Gita 10.12]. How one can approach God if he leads a sinful life? That is our propagation. You give up this sinful life. Then you'll be able to understand God. You follow Christianity or Mohammedanism or Buddhism. It doesn't matter. You give up this sinful life. Vedas are not meant for the cats and dogs. All sastras and scriptures and Vedas, they are meant for human being. So if human being remains on cats and dogs, how he can understand? If he voluntarily remains like the cats and dogs, then how he can understand the Vedas or Bible or Koran? He cannot. Naham prakasah sarvasya yoga-maya-samavrtah [Bhagavad Gita 7.25]. We have to become pure before understanding what is God. Therefore every civilized society has got a type of religion to become purified so that he can understand God. Without being purified, how it is possible? That is not possible.
Transcendental Maha Mantra Meditation - Emotional Benefits: When the living being identifies with the material body and loses awareness of his real, spiritual self, he inevitably fears death, old age, and disease. He fears loss of beauty, intelligence, and strength and experiences countless other anxieties and false emotions relating to the temporary body. But by Transcendental Meditation using Transcendental Maha Mantra (T-3M technique), even in the early stages, we realize ourselves to be pure and changeless spirit souls, completely distinct from the material body. Because this mantra is a completely pure spiritual sound vibration, it has the power to restore our consciousness to its original, uncontaminated condition. At this point, we cease to be controlled by jealousy, bigotry, pride, envy, and hatred. As Lord Krsna tells us in Bhagavad-gita,  the soul is "unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying, and primeval." As our false bodily identification dissolves and we perceive our true transcendental existence, we automatically transcend all the fears and anxieties of material existence. Join our authentic yoga classes in Magadi Road, Bangalore which is the blend of asana, pranayama, meditation, etc., and see yourself change in the life. Call now and register for the yoga classes.
Work life balance with yoga: You can balance your emotions, work pressure, Mental stress through the yoga practice. Call and book our 2days free yoga classes to experience the difference.
Magnetic Acupressure Needled Ball: The Acu-Balls are massaging needle balls that contain over 400 blunt needles on each ball, which are used to stimulate acupressure points and reflex points on the hands and/or feet. Through doing so, a therapeutic effect is achieved, and traditional acupuncture meridians which span the length of our body become unblocked, allowing the free flow of life sustaining chi energy. The Acu-Balls can be used as a general tonic to de-stress the body (excellent time fillers!), or they can be used to target specific problems or organs within the body. Using the Acu-Balls as a General Tonic to Improve Health Use the Acu-Balls as a general therapeutic aid to: Generally stimulate nerve reflex points on the hands and feet at random (see the reflex point charts for the hands and feet below). Through stimulating each of the reflex points, we are working on each of our internal bodily organs therapeutically, removing any acupuncture meridian blockages which thereby allows chi energy, or life force to freely flow through our body, and consequently promote good health. Promote blood circulation in the hands and feet. The Acu-Balls contain magnets to aid in improving blood circulation while they are being used. For over 2500 years, chinese Medicine has viewed our bodies as having 14 channels or rivers, called Meridians, which flow to all areas of the body carrying vital energy. When these channels become blocked by stress, overuse or injury, a distinct lack of energy occurs. "Acu-balling" helps to "free up" these channels improving overall body energy flow. Using the Acu-Balls on a regular basis will generally improve the health of an individual. Easy to use, anytime, anyplace. You can take them wherever you go. Use them while sitting watching TV, while sitting on the bus or train, or while waiting at the traffic lights. They are perfect to use during or after working hours, or after long study periods. Excellent for relieving drowsiness and fatigue. The Acu-Balls are particularly effective in relieving stress from a hard day's work. Using the Acu-Balls to Target a Specific Disorder or a Specific Bodily Organ By stimulating specific points on the hands or feet, we are able to work on specific areas in our body. You can use the following hand and feet charts to locate an area that you may need to work on in your body to improve those areas. Features: Acupuncture needle ball function as a hand massager that can be used for relaxation and tension relief. Improves blood circulation, pain relief. It can be used on one hand or both hand. Adjust pressure to suit your personal taste. Used on different acu-points also for better blood circulation. Prevent illness. Health protection and special pain relief for hands and legs due to magnetic beads inside the Acu-Balls. Also act as an excellent gift. Technical Details Brand new and high quality. Our Palm has all the human body's internal organs. Effective for relieving fatigue. Based on traditional Chinese acupressure therapy. It is used to stimulate acupuncture points and aids in reducing cholesterol, stress and to dissemble fats. Portable and Easy to use - you can just use it anywhere, be it in the office, while watching TV, listening to music, etc Your handy instrument for effective health care. Daily use for 5-10mins a day will help keep the doctor away. Specifications: New Magnetic Acupressure Needle Ball for Exercise. Acu-ball excites the nerves to promote blood circulation and improve health. With more than 400 magnetic needles to stimulate the acupressure points of the human body, which works to stimulate the many blood vessels that are found on our hands and feet. Magnetic beads inside Acu-Balls is effective to promote blood circulation. Package contains 1 magnetic acupressure needle ball, COLOR Silver, OR Gold having width 3 inches and height 4 inches Cost Rs.349/- Our price Rs.170/-
Best Iyengar Yoga Classes: The system of ‘Iyengar yoga’ has become famous all over the world by legendary yoga guru Sri Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar based on the traditional eight limbs of yoga as expounded by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. He is credited with bringing yoga to the Western world and making it accessible to every age and walk of life. The significant difference in the practice of this form of yoga is the use of props such as ropes, belts, bricks, chairs and benches to help the student get the intended structural alignment in an asana. Its ideal for beginners to yoga, and for intermediate and advanced students who want to gain a deeper understanding of their asana and Pranayama practice. Iyengar Yoga puts specific emphasis on those suffering from ailments such as back problem, joints pain, asthma, blood pressure, stress associated with modern day living, among others. Come and learn this iyengar yoga to become fit and naturally recover from your health issues. Tags:BKS Iyengar Yoga Studio, iyengar yoga center bengaluru, bks iyengar light on yoga, Everything You Need to Know, what is iyengar yoga, bks iyengar yoga postures, iyengar yoga definition, iyengar yoga for beginners, iyengar yoga poses, iyengar yoga video, iyengar yoga sequence , iyengar yoga asanas, iyengar yoga routines, facts about iyengar yoga, Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, intensive iyengar yoga retreats, iyengar yoga course fees, structures, complete beginners, seniors, Iyengar Yoga Workshop
Question: Who Am I? Answer: At the present moment, we are not finding out our proper identity. We are seeing to the body. I see you, your body, and you see me, my body. If I ask anyone, he says "I am American, " "I am Indian, " "I am white, " "I am black, " "I am the richest. I am the powerful. I am the very intelligent." "I am this." "I am that." We have no vision of the real person, which is, who is occupying this body. "Aham Brahmasmi"-- Simply to know that "I am spirit soul"is not sufficient. It must be further advanced. Just like to become feverless... Suppose one is suffering from fever. So medicine is given and the no more fever, fever stops. That is not sufficient. Not only fever should stop, but you should get strength, you should get appetite, you should have normal life. Then it is perfect cure of the disease. Similarly to understand that "Aham Brahmasmi" "I am spirit soul, " is not sufficient. You have to be engaged in the spiritual activities.
Best kids yoga classes in Bangalore: Many parents have concerns like how so I make my child creative? How can I protect my child from bad influence? How will my child cope up in this competitive world? Will my child be able to handle defeat? There is no need to worry! Bring your children for the kids program for their overall development. Apart from yogasana and pranayama, we conduct special classes like art and craft, drawing, quizzes, projects, dramas, spiritual games, picnics and fun days to display their talents. We train and help children in character building personality development, ethical and spiritual values, mantra meditation, shloka recitation and many more activities. Our aim is to help children to achieve healthy body and mind, become intelligent and responsible to face the world. We imbibe spiritual and cultural values in the child's life and remove the barrier between the teacher and student.