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powerful yoga classes conducted here.... join today itself for more details get in touch with us..... divyamaya yoga
Magnetic Acupressure Needled Ball: The Acu-Balls are massaging needle balls that contain over 400 blunt needles on each ball, which are used to stimulate acupressure points and reflex points on the hands and/or feet. Through doing so, a therapeutic effect is achieved, and traditional acupuncture meridians which span the length of our body become unblocked, allowing the free flow of life sustaining chi energy. The Acu-Balls can be used as a general tonic to de-stress the body (excellent time fillers!), or they can be used to target specific problems or organs within the body. Using the Acu-Balls as a General Tonic to Improve Health Use the Acu-Balls as a general therapeutic aid to: Generally stimulate nerve reflex points on the hands and feet at random (see the reflex point charts for the hands and feet below). Through stimulating each of the reflex points, we are working on each of our internal bodily organs therapeutically, removing any acupuncture meridian blockages which thereby allows chi energy, or life force to freely flow through our body, and consequently promote good health. Promote blood circulation in the hands and feet. The Acu-Balls contain magnets to aid in improving blood circulation while they are being used. For over 2500 years, chinese Medicine has viewed our bodies as having 14 channels or rivers, called Meridians, which flow to all areas of the body carrying vital energy. When these channels become blocked by stress, overuse or injury, a distinct lack of energy occurs. "Acu-balling" helps to "free up" these channels improving overall body energy flow. Using the Acu-Balls on a regular basis will generally improve the health of an individual. Easy to use, anytime, anyplace. You can take them wherever you go. Use them while sitting watching TV, while sitting on the bus or train, or while waiting at the traffic lights. They are perfect to use during or after working hours, or after long study periods. Excellent for relieving drowsiness and fatigue. The Acu-Balls are particularly effective in relieving stress from a hard day's work. Using the Acu-Balls to Target a Specific Disorder or a Specific Bodily Organ By stimulating specific points on the hands or feet, we are able to work on specific areas in our body. You can use the following hand and feet charts to locate an area that you may need to work on in your body to improve those areas. Features: Acupuncture needle ball function as a hand massager that can be used for relaxation and tension relief. Improves blood circulation, pain relief. It can be used on one hand or both hand. Adjust pressure to suit your personal taste. Used on different acu-points also for better blood circulation. Prevent illness. Health protection and special pain relief for hands and legs due to magnetic beads inside the Acu-Balls. Also act as an excellent gift. Technical Details Brand new and high quality. Our Palm has all the human body's internal organs. Effective for relieving fatigue. Based on traditional Chinese acupressure therapy. It is used to stimulate acupuncture points and aids in reducing cholesterol, stress and to dissemble fats. Portable and Easy to use - you can just use it anywhere, be it in the office, while watching TV, listening to music, etc Your handy instrument for effective health care. Daily use for 5-10mins a day will help keep the doctor away. Specifications: New Magnetic Acupressure Needle Ball for Exercise. Acu-ball excites the nerves to promote blood circulation and improve health. With more than 400 magnetic needles to stimulate the acupressure points of the human body, which works to stimulate the many blood vessels that are found on our hands and feet. Magnetic beads inside Acu-Balls is effective to promote blood circulation. Package contains 1 magnetic acupressure needle ball, COLOR Silver, OR Gold having width 3 inches and height 4 inches Cost Rs.349/- Our price Rs.170/-
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We are happy to announce that we conducting FREE SUMMER CAMP for children during the month of April 2018. Sessions will be conducted in morning(10am to 1pm) as well as afteronoon(2pm to 5pm). Children will learn: Music for restless mind Dramas for confidence Stories for personality development Mantra meditation for concentration Arts & Crafts Also have fun playing a variety of games. For more details, please contact +91 9008 222 776. Hurry up! Limited Seats, First come First Serve basis. 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Hare Krishna..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Jagannath Stores presents an exciting and fun craft summer camp for all creative and multi talented young minds. Details of the craft camp are given below : 1. Batch Date - from 19 april to 30 april (sunday is holiday) 2. Batch Timings - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm 3. Venue - Iskcon New Rajapur Jagannath Dham 4. Age Group - All ages 5. Fee - 500 Rs 6. All materials will be provided 7. Children have to bring their own pencil , eraser , sharpener , scale , scissors and glue. 8. Registrations closes today (18 april) by 9 pm. 9. Website - 10. Email address - Let your child enter the world of creativity by enrolling him/her in our amazing craft camp. For further details please contact this number - 8553030966 Please forwad this message to most of the people so that everyone can benefit from our craft camp. Hari Bol...๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Yoga classes at nominal price: Join our yoga classes at just โ‚น500/- per month and learn 4 major categories of yoga in detail namely karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga and dhyana yoga. One stop solution for all your spiritual doubts, questions and enquiries.
Best yoga and pranayama classes in Bangalore at divyamaya yoga / transcendental yoga. We also have yoga related products like backless yoga chair, Jal neti pot, yoga blocks, acupressure items and so on. Please visit our products category to know in detail of all the yoga products at reduced special price. Tags: head massager online india, acupressure mat for feet, accupressure foot mat, backless yoga chair, be blunt bangalore, karate classes in bangalore, define amongst, enhance blood flow, ramdev yoga for women, yoga for pancreas, bks iyengar yoga postures, popular types of yoga, transcendental energy, india chapple, acupressure balls for weight loss, bharath mat, different mantras, magnetic acupressure, gym rope exercise, spiritual discourse, handheld massager india, pranayama for weight loss, power yoga for belly fat, weight loss yoga in hindi, fat burning yoga workouts, stomach yoga video, yoga tailor, baba ramdev tips for weight loss, yoga for gastritis, yoga crescent moon pose, yoga transcendental, new balance shoes bangalore, maya yoga, neti online, acupressure for blood circulation, jnana yoga practice, acupuncture pressure, eightfold path of yoga, magnetic balls india, pose meaning, words meaning moon, hand held massager india, solar plexus displacement, viloma pranayama, beggars colony bangalore, blood circulation yoga, om in different styles, how to do pranayamam, yoga for gas trouble, yoga in bangalore, pancha kosha yoga, bhramri pranayam, acu exercise and sports science, mantra for anxiety and epression, 3m bangalore office, endocrine system secretes, yoga for vertigo, transcendental meditation mantra, shitali pranayama benefits, best yoga classes for beginners, yoga vs exercise, yoga for blood circulation, meditation transcendental mantra, chinese silver stress balls, i have pms add and ocd, piles yoga, power yoga adalah, acupressure for gas, half moon yoga pose, secretes hormones, needle in balls, 9 fold path, sanskrit word for balance, yoga bangalore, bharath hot, intellectual benefits of yoga, twister buy online, kalyan meditation, yoga for piles, how to do pranayama
Greetings from ISKCON, Byadarahalli, Magadi Road. We are happy to announce that we conducting FREE SUMMER CAMP for children during the month of April 2018. Sessions will be conducted in morning(10am to 1pm) as well as afteronoon(2pm to 5pm) from 2nd to 13th April 2018 and from 16th to 27th April 2018. Children will learn: Music for restless mind Dramas for confidence Stories for personality development Mantra meditation for concentration Arts & Crafts Also have fun playing a variety of games. For more details, please contact +91 9008 222 776. Hurry up! Limited Seats, First come First Serve basis.
Free kids summer camp: Greetings from ISKCON, Byadarahalli, Magadi Road. We are happy to announce that we conducting FREE SUMMER CAMP for children during the month of April 2018. Sessions will be conducted in morning(10am to 1pm) as well as afteronoon(2pm to 5pm). Children will learn: Music for restless mind Dramas for confidence Stories for personality development Mantra meditation for concentration Arts & Crafts Also have fun playing a variety of games. For more details, please contact +91 9008 222 776. Hurry up! Limited Seats, First come First Serve basis.