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Acupressure Magnetic Water Stand: DESCRIPTIONS : WATER VITALIZER: It give you charged water. INDICATION: good for Digestion, Constipation, Acidity & Gas trouble Method of Making Magnetic Water Put the pot containing drinking water on the stand round the clock. The water gets magnetized within 6 hours.When the quantity of water put in the pot reduces due to use, additional water can be put in it which also gets magnetized in the process. Water put in any pot gets magnetized. Use non-magnetic pot only Earthen, Copper or silver pot is ideal. Use Blue side on the top. Boiled and Micro Filtered water is adviceable for better health. Dose : 4 glasses per day. NEED OF MAGNETIC CHARGING Our water comes from natural sources.10 20 kms. Through iron pipes and tanks. Due to this natural magnetic charging is disturbed.Use this re-energiser and feel the difference in Vitality, Digestion, Constipation, Acidity, Gas etc. Material: Plastic Color: Multicolor Size: 18 Cm X 18 Cm X 6 Cm Gender: Unisex
Jalaneti Pot online India Bangalore: Buy jalaneti pot online india bangalore now at a reduced cost of Rs.100 only. For more information, please visit You can also buy jalaneti pot directly from our divyamaya yoga store located in Bharat Nagar, Near Nagarbhavi, Bangalore.
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Buy jalaneti pot online now at reduced price of ₹100/- only.
Jalaneti pot at special discounted price of ₹100/- only
Buy online Waist Twisting Foot Massage Disc Magnet Balance Rotating Weight Loss Fitness Equipment : Body Twister help you in transforming your body into an attractive shape and figure by eliminating excess fat, flabby muscles, increases chest & gains energy. Based on Acupressure Pyramid & Magnetic treatment therapy. Body twister and slimmer is based on Acupressure & Magnetic therapy. Body Twister helps in transforming the body into an attractive shape by eliminating excess fat, flabby muscles, increases chest & gains energy. The pyramidal points on the twister activates the nerve endings under the foot that corrosponds to each and every oragans in body. It is very convenient to use and is durable and unbreakable. Uses: The body twister and excerciser reduces headache It helps to relive from mount up tensions. The body twister eliminates gastric and acidity problems through its regular use as the stomach area is constanly getting good exercise and massage effect. Body twister helps to cure backache problems since your spine is becoming more stronger as your body weight reduces and unwanted fat is getting eliminated from stomach area. Body twister and slimmer helps in sciatica, knee pain & leg pain. Body twister helps in stimulating the pressure points on the sole and helps in circulation of blood. It is rough & tuff in use, it is made up of high quality plastic, with attached double ball bearing disc & it is unbreakable. How to use this product: Step on the body twister, each leg should be on the magnetic black strip. Rotate your body to and fro keeping the upper body almost in the same position. If you need support, hold some where. After sometime of practise, you will be able to use it with out any support. Enjoy the movement INR 750/- only.
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Buy JalaNet Pot now online in Bangalore at a discounted price of ₹ 100/- only.
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