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Best Meditation Technique: There are many MEDITATION techniques. There are more than 112 MEDITATION techniques but the most simple and effective technique is to do japa meditation. In japa meditation, Sanskrit mantras will be chanted by holding the bead in the hand. This is a method which you can practice anytime & anywhere. There is no time boundation. But it will be more effective if you practice it in early morning because at that time the frequency of your thought is low. You can also do it before going to sleep it will lead your whole night into a MEDITATED sleep. Early days you will find it as boring. But the day after atleast 21 days you will find it very interesting and you will get the results also. Join our meditation class to understand: How to chant? What mantras to chant? When to chant? What are the do’s for chanting? What are the don’ts for chanting?
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